Youth Bands

Most public performance, the Dave Dickey Big Band invites middle school, high school, college jazz ensembles, and Jazz St Louis Ensembles to perform with the band.  Student bands usually perform during intermission, then the last set selected students from those bands would sit in and solo with the Dave Dickey Big Band.  We have also had performances where student jazz small groups perform in the lobby before the concert while people are having dinner or coming into the concert hall.  This is a tradition the Dave Dickey Big Band will continue.  It's fun for the students, the band members in the Dave Dickey Big Band, their music teachers, and also family members of those students.  Below are pictures from some of those nights (many more).

North County Big Band performing during intermission.  The band is directed by Harvey Lockhart.

St Dominic High School 9th grade student Wyatt Forhan being featured with the Dave Dickey Big Band.  This is a bass bone feature called "Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week" written for the Patrick Williams Orchestra.